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4-5 March
Kuala Lumpur,

Five universities sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Southeast Asian Studies.

May 1996

The SEAS Bulletin makes its first appearance.

5-6 August
Tokyo, Japan

SEASREP takes in the 2nd batch of grantees.

The Council Secretariat in Manila is established, along with a counterpart joint secretariat in Tokyo of the Toyota and Japan Foundations.

13-14 December
Manila, Philippines

The Council meets with MOU liaison officers to work out the mechanics of the agreement.

The MOU network is expanded to include Ateneo de Manila University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and Chulalongkorn University.

The proposal to incorporate the SEASREP Council as a Philippine non-stock, non-profit organization is approved.

13 March
Quezon City,

SEASREP is incorporated with its office in Quezon City.

30-31 May
Manila, Philippines

Batch three of grant recipients is selected.

Exchange and study grant programs are opened to all universities in the region, provided the language course is taken in an MOU member university or postgraduate study is supervised by a faculty member of an MOU university.

The “traveling classroom” for Southeast Asian students is conceptualized.

19-20 November
Bangkok, Thailand

Three new member universities formally join the MOU network.

The Council meets with all eight MOU liaison officers.

An informal survey conducted by the Tokyo Joint Secretariat shows interest in Southeast Asian studies but points to the need to raise awareness about SEASREP.

The establishment of a separate Selection Committee to review SEASREP grant applications is approved.

The Council initiates two projects outside its regular grant programs: the traveling classroom for undergraduate students; and regional networking to promote SEASREP grants.


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