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28-30 January
Manila, Philippines

SEASREP holds an international conference on Southeast Asia in the 20th Century at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Ninety-three scholars take part, 68 of them from the Southeast Asian region. Six plenary and 70 panel papers are presented. The Toyota and Japan Foundations support the conference, with the UP Third World Studies Center as host.

22-24 April
Hua Hin, Thailand

Council members attend the workshop on Asian Studies in Asia organized by the Asian Studies Association of Australia and Chulalongkorn University Institute of Asian Studies.

7-8 May
Hong Kong

On behalf of SEASREP, Maris attends the China-ASEAN Research Institute Directors roundtable, organized by the University of Hong Kong Center of Asian Studies.

25-27 May
Manila, Philippines

The Selection Committee meets as a formal, independent body and selects the 4th batch of SEASREP grantees.

The project officers of SEASREPís Traveling Classroom are identified; regional networking plans by Council members are finalized.

A new project is initiated by the Council to examine how pre-university textbooks in social studies portray Southeast Asia.

The proposal to renew the MOU is approved, extending its term from three to six years.

7 April
18 May

The 1st Traveling Classroom takes place with Charnvit as coordinator. Twenty-four undergraduate students from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines come together to collaborate on the project theme, What Southeast Asia Means to Me.

11-12 May
Malacca, Malaysia

The Selection Committee determines the 5th batch of SEASREP grantees.

The management of SEASREP is discussed, and the relationship between the Council and the Toyota and Japan Foundations, defined.

Lysa Hong, National University of Singapore Southeast Asian Studies Program director, and Abdul Kadir Haj Din, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, participate in the Council meeting as observers.


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