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17-18 January
Siem Reap, Cambodia

The 8th batch of grantees is named.

Because of the small number of applications, the Visiting Professors program is phased out as an independent program and is integrated into the Regional Collaboration program.

The Council sets a new direction to engage in curricular development. As a first step, the Council agrees to promote the Asian Emporiums course for undergraduate students, with academic credit, and phase out the Traveling Classroom (without credit). Initiated by Shaharil and developed by a group of Southeast Asian specialists from the region, the course introduces Southeast Asia from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Bambang Purwanto (Gadjah Mada University) and Nguyen Van Chinh (National University of Vietnam) join Ang Choulean as observers of the Council meeting.

1-2 February
Quezon City, Philippines

Supported by the University of Malaya Asia-Europe Institute, the Council holds a workshop on Readings on Southeast Asia for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses. Attended by eight scholars from the region, the workshop explores the possibility of a reader on Southeast Asia focusing on works by indigenous scholars.

16 April

The Asian Emporiums course is approved by the University of the Philippines.

21 April
2 May 2002

The 4th and final Traveling Classroom is held, focusing on Women of Southeast Asia. Bambang Purwanto leads the project, with a class of 26 students from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

1-2 June
Jakarta, Indonesia

Council members plan the future direction and thrust of SEASREP.

30 August

Thammasat University approves the Asian Emporiums course.

25 October 2002

SEASREPís research proposal, The Mekong as Socio-Cultural Space, receives a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. The project consists of an anthology on the Mekong, examining different aspects of the sub-region, and an annotated bibliography of works intended to serve as a guide for researchers.


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