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11-13 January
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Batch 11 of SEASREP grantees is named.

The Council and Toyota Foundation agree to transfer the administration of the Regional Collaboration program from the Tokyo Joint Secretariat to the Manila Secretariat.

Plans for SEASREPís 10th anniversary are taken up.

The Council resolves to work out a new structure to carry out its 2005-2014 vision.

Bambang Purwanto and Ang Choulean observe the Council meeting.

31 January
23 February
and Vietnam

Bolivian sociologist Silvia Rivera (Instituto de Investigaciones Sociologicas, Universidad Mayor de San Andres) goes on a lecture-tour of major universities in the region. Sponsored by SEPHIS, a South-South program on the history of development, the lectures deal with women and Indians in Bolivian history; coca, colonial representations and the modern day struggle of Indian farmers; and the clash of modernities in contemporary Bolivia. The lecture-tour signals the first collaboration between SEASREP and SEPHIS.

2-3 March
Kuala Lumpur,

Council members agree to dissolve the Council in favor of a new Board of Trustees and rename the Manila Secretariat the SEASREP Foundation. The organizational changes aim to enable SEASREP to sustain itself over the long term and anticipate and meet the challenge of new developments in the field of Southeast Asian studies.

15 March

The Council is dissolved.

4 April
11 May 2005

Thammasat University Southeast Asia Program, headed by Thanet Aphornsuvan, conducts the Asian Emporiums course, with 28 students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in attendance.

24-25 August
Seoul, Korea

SEASREP takes on its first collaborative project with Southeast Asian specialists from Korea. The Korea-ASEAN Academic Forum is launched with Maris as its first speaker. Maris also meets the board of the Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (KISEAS) to discuss the implementation of the cooperation agreement.


Gadjah Mada University adopts the Asian Emporiums course.

30 October
Kyoto, Japan

Members of the defunct Council meet with partner foundations and SEASREP consultants Yoneo Ishii and Ruth McVey to select the members of the new Board of Trustees.

8-9 December
Chiang Mai, Thailand

SEASREP celebrates 10 years with a conference titled Southeast Asia: A Global Crossroads. More than 180 scholars and friends of SEASREP attend the conference.

Thirty-three panels are organized and 140 papers, presented.


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